You probably had your last iPhone until the end.

The great thing about an Apple device is that they go on forever. Until they don't...

One day you realize it’s just slow. Actions don’t respond like they used to. Every now and then you get a compatibility error when you try to load an app. And the spinning beachballs...

You knew it was time. 

But the other great thing about Macs is that in so many ways, they’re the same. Familiar. No matter how new they are.

Yes. Once you log in, it looks kind of okay. Still friendly. Still a nice place to be, but a little different. Like going back home after you’ve been away for a long time. Remodeled homes, wider streets.

You need to get reacquainted! 

Get Acquainted with Your New iPhone
If you had a new iPhone under your Christmas tree this year, wouldn’t you like some help getting around the new neighborhood?

To get some tips and tricks about the newest iOS from an expert? 
Let's talk! I can set up your Photos account to sync with iCloud and have your new iPhone backed up safely so you’ll never worry about lost files.

We’ll go through the amazing new features of the operating system and get you comfortable with organizing and searching Photos, as well as taking great pictures with your camera app options.

I’ll get you off to a wonderful start!
For over 20 years I’ve helped people with their Macs and other Apple devices, teaching them the easiest ways to use their Macs without getting overwhelmed.

As an Apple Genius and Creative Trainer, I taught about every aspect of Apple software and ensured that their Apple experience was the best it could be. 
Paul Einarsen, Apple Expert

1 hr. online session.



Set up your preferences, iCloud syncing, iCloud backup.

Tour of the new iPhone operating system.

Go through Apple Photos basic setup for organizing and searching and camera app options for capturing photos.