What is a Quick Start Guide?

This course consists of a series of pre-recorded videos by Photo Manager, Paul Einarsen.

There is no time limit, enjoy the lessons at whatever pace works for you. If you need more help or have questions, Paul is just an email away.

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Making Photo Books in Apple Photos

A Special Way to Share Your Memories.

Remember how special it was to sit with your parents and look at photo albums? Photo books let you tell a story in ways that digital images just don't do.

If you've been thinking about creating a photo book for a birthday gift, vacation trip, or any family memory, this easy-to-follow video guide is just for you.

Learn the simple method that eliminates over half the steps normally needed to make photo books.

No more complicated exports, picture adjustments, or uploads. Connect to your favorite photo book printer directly from Apple Photos.

It's easier than ever to make amazing photo books!

Your Favorite Printers

Learn how to connect your Apple Photos library with 8 different photo book printers. The choice is yours!

Done in Half the Time

With this method, you will make a photo book in half the time. Automatic file resizing, color adjustments, and more make it easy.

Endless Options

Make any kind of photo book, from gift packs of fun pocket-sized mini books to elegant heirloom quality albums with a presentation box.

Your Quick Start Guide Includes:

  • Creating a vacation photo book
  • Sharing photo files the easy way
  • Creating an album collection
  • Editing the album
  • Creating a project from your album
  • Adding book printer extensions to Apple Photos
  • Setting up the book project
  • Book design basics
  • Page View & Layout View
  • The image tray
  • Autoflow your photos
  • Manually add your photos
  • Photo page design options
  • Creating sections
  • Adding Text blocks
  • Moving Pages
  • Editing photos
  • Ordering your book
  • Exporting to a PDF

Why Make Photo Books with Apple Photos?

By using the simple process in this easy to follow video guide, you will:

  • have all your book projects collected in one place, right with your photos.
  • never have to export a file or save photos to your desktop.
  • collect your photos, design your pages, and place your order - all from within Apple Photos.
  • be able to choose from a wide variety of print products from 8 different printers.