Why become an expert in Apple Photos?

The knowledge and skills to help save clients from "photo overwhelm." 

This course contains proven tools and techniques to get the Apple Photos Library in shape. Making a difference in clients’ photo experience and lives.

A photo management system with a safety net.

Leverage Apple’s world-class technology and support system. Backups and redundancy are built-in.

An easy path to growing your successful business in photo management services. 

Every iPhone user is a potential client. Remote organizing is built into Apple Photos. Uses hardware and software you are familiar with. 

What's inside the Ultimate Guide to Apple Photos?

Using Apple Photos as a photo hub.

Who is the Apple customer and what do they want?

Equipment needs for the client and pro.

Definitions and terms.

Remote organizing through iCloud.

Backing up photos.

Culling old iPhoto events.

Essential software for the Apple photo manager.

• Organizing the Photos Library.

The importance of trust.

And much, much more . . .

The only course of its kind for photo management professionals.

Apple Photos is the most used image management software in the world. It might also be one of the most confusing for users, who are unaware of its power and capabilities. That's where the professional photo manager comes in. With your knowledge and experience, you can help your clients finally feel confident when creating, organizing, and sharing their photos.

This course is unique in that it talks about Apple Photos on BOTH the iphone and Mac and all the way from taking pictures through organizing, sharing and creating projects to showcase your pictures in the best ways.

Apple Photos isn't for everyone.

Is Apple Photos the only solution for photo organizing? Of course not. But for a particular kind of client, it deserves consideration right alongside other popular photo management solutions. The way we create and experience photography today has changed in just a few short years from being a historical, reflective exercise into a rich, interactive, daily experience. New camera technologies, advances in software, and the convenience of smartphones has created new realities for the way we create, manage, and share images. Apple Photos offers it all in a seamless, secure, accessible package for people who want the Apple experience. 

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The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world.

Chances are that your next client has an iPhone. Talk to your friends. Your family. Co-workers. Grocery clerks. They do too.

And if you ask, you’ll probably find that the camera was part of their ‘why.’ With the sharing, and the backup, and the ease of use, and, and, and, and . . . They got their iPhones FOR the photos, but they didn’t COUNT ON all the photos. Before they knew it, their library was out of control. That’s where you come in.

Talk to other Photo Managers and you’ll find they get a lot of clients with Apple products. More than you might think. In fact, many PM’s have come to serve Apple clients exclusively and make a great business from it. Some people won’t stay completely in the Apple Photos ecosystem, but many will. And this Ultimate Guide will help you give that client an extraordinary Apple-friendly experience and teach you sound entry and exit paths for the ones who don’t.

Paul Einarsen

About Paul Einarsen

My father's Nikon camera sparked a passion for photography that has guided my life path. Photography is a unique blend of the technical and the creative that I find fascinating and rich. The pictures I have made over the years continue to move and inspire me every day.

I bet you have pictures that are special for you too. Not just because of what they show, but because of what they mean. The visual bookmarks of your life. You want to keep them safe and available. You want to enjoy and share them. Pictures are the atomic particle of experience. I was there. Remember the way we were.

That’s what Bluewater Imaging is all about. Take great pictures. Pictures that mean something to you. Keep them organized so that you can time travel on demand. Share them with the world because we learn when our view of the world is considered and seen.


I’m new to Photo Management. Is this course for me? 

If you have a Mac and plan to help Apple-equipped clients manage their Photos library, then you will find the course invaluable. The course assumes a working knowledge of the iOS and Mac operating systems at an advanced beginner to intermediate level. 

Do I have to have a Mac?

To access and manage the client’s Photos Library remotely you do need to have a Mac of your own. The course content is viewable with Mac or Windows online, and with the Teachable App on iPhone and iPad.

How is course different than other digital photo organizing courses?

This course supports the Apple Photos workflow in the way it was designed, with photos and videos being added to a Photos Library and managed mostly within the Photos app until being shared or exported for a specific purpose. This offers a consistent user experience across all Apple devices. Most other digital organizing courses prioritize broad standards and collection portability or are featuring other specific software solutions. 

Is the Apple Photos workflow better than traditional folder-based organizing?

It is just simpler for the right client. If they have an iPhone, a Mac, and are using iCloud to sync the two, they have a wonderful, user-friendly way to create and manage their photos. What could be better? Having said that, there are many use cases that don’t fit the Apple workflow and clients who prefer other solutions. This course helps you identify whether or not Apple Photos is a good fit for your client.

I’ve heard that I shouldn’t use Apple Photos for proper photo management. Are you saying I should?

Again, it all depends on the experience that your client wants, their level of technical skill, and what kind of ongoing support (you?) they’ll have. Apple Photos arguably delivers a great, consistent user experience. Clients don’t need much technical skill because it’s mostly an app based environment with multiple safety nets built in - for them AND you. For ongoing support, if you aren’t in the picture long term, Apple support and Apple consultants can quickly understand what you’ve set up. 

Where are the photos? I feel more comfortable seeing them in yearly folders in the Finder. 

Honestly, you aren’t alone. Many of us grew up in a world of filing cabinets, file folders, and spreadsheets, and it’s how we think of proper organizing. But smartphones changed that by containing related files in a specific app, not in folders. As computers get more and more like mobile, there is less and less reliance on folder organizing. In fact, folders are more and more a creative/authoring level tool than they are a daily file management tool. Real world photo management is driven by apps that provide more efficient, non-destructive, visual workflows like Apple Photos. 

I don’t want my clients’ photos locked up in proprietary software like Apple Photos. 

All software is proprietary. Adobe products are also proprietary. As are the macOS and Windows operating systems themselves. Whenever software delivers a unique user experience of visuals, tools, and capabilities - unless it is truly Open Source - that software is proprietary to someone. The real question is whether the contents (photos) are portable. Can they be used anywhere? Photos can export the original images as needed or converted to several file formats. In fact that’s the whole point of Photos as a photo hub. The contents are always protected in original form, and can be exported as needed for other purposes. You can’t always say that about folder based storage that’s open to the Finder. 

Can Apple Photos create images to an industry standard? 

Which industry? What standards? Accepted Photo Management practices have borrowed from the Digital Asset Management and Photography industries, but both have much broader missions than the needs of typical consumers that we serve. Industry standards evolve as a response to changing needs and we are at the forefront of that process, not trailing it. Our industry - photo management - is a unique mashup of history and innovation that needs professionals who can merge the two. 

Does this course go into scanning and digitizing? 

No. In fact there are many aspects of photo management that are outside the scope of the course or are assumed to be used inside Apple Photos, like basic ABC organizing techniques. In no way does Apple Photos do everything a Photo Manager will need to do to serve their client but it can simplify a central part of the whole photo management process. 

What if I find it's not for me?

The course comes with a 30-day guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, just contact us for a full refund.

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